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A Doctor To Admire 

Nurse Kaci Hickox has certainly gotten her 15 minutes of fame for siding with Barack Obama and ignoring Ebola quarantine rules. But have you heard of Dr. Colin Bucks? Of course not. 

The Stanford Medical Center doctor also returned to America last week after treating Ebola patients in Liberia. But unlike Hickox, Dr. Bucks is cooperating with state health officials. Unlike Dr. Craig Spencer, who rode the New York subway, went bowling and lied to police about it, Dr. Bucks has stayed in his home. 

During an interview with local media, Dr. Bucks said, "For me, this is not a burden. . . . I need my neighborhood to feel utterly secure. For that reason, it's just easier to work out of home."

Kudos to Dr. Bucks! I admire his courage and desire to help those in West Africa. I also admire his willingness to respect the health and safety concerns of his fellow countrymen. 

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