Anti-Semitism In Congress, Left-wing Hypocrisy, The Left's Projection

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Anti-Semitism In Congress
Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) continues on her anti-Semitic jihad.  I will not say that she is simply anti-Israel.  She is obsessed with Israel.  Her repeated criticisms of the Jewish state fit the classic definition of anti-Semitism. 
Omar is holding Israel to a standard that she does not apply to any other country.  For example, she refuses to condemn Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, and even appears to support him
Some have attempted to excuse Omar's behavior by saying she's only a freshman and just doesn't understand Washington yet.  She is an adult woman who knows exactly what she is doing when she repeatedly makes anti-Semitic statements. 
Last month, Omar was forced to apologize for suggesting that support for Israel was "all about the Benjamins" and for attacking AIPAC.  This month, she repeated the anti-Semitic trope that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America.  And this time she's refusing to apologize.
Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz urged House leaders to "marginalize" Omar, and said that she should be challenged "in a primary by people who support the United States . . . rather than people who support American enemies." 
That's assuming there are enough people in her district who aren't infected with anti-Semitism.  Omar seems confident that her views are representative of her district.  And she's probably right given that she replaced Keith Ellison, who is now Minnesota's attorney general.
Part of Omar's district is known as Little Mogadishu, and it is a hotbed of radical Islamism.  This district could not have existed in America 20 years ago.  It exists today because tens of thousands of anti-Semites have been brought to America in the name of compassion.  Thank you, Barack Obama.
The result of that compassion is that we now have someone sitting in the United States Congress who would be more at home in the Iranian parliament.  Moreover, Omar also sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.
Now the House Democrat leadership, feeling the heat from Omar's repeated anti-Semitic references, is being forced to hold a vote tomorrow condemning anti-Semitism. 
But their resolution is absurd.  It reportedly does not mention Omar by name and also condemns Islamophobia in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. 
Once again, the left is forcing the nation to apologize after we witnessed 3,000 Americans die at the hands of jihadists screaming praises to Allah.  I do not believe America has been plagued by an irrational fear of Islam.  There are far more mosques today than there were on 9/11.  Ask the multiple religious minorities being persecuted throughout the Muslim world if there is an irrational fear of Islam.  (Before it's over, I wouldn't be surprised if the resolution condemns Donald Trump!)
Meanwhile, this episode seems to have ignited a civil war on the left.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is defending Omar.  Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is coming to the defense of the anti-Semitic congresswoman, and she's also attacking Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 
Left-wing Hypocrisy
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be in some legal trouble.  An FEC complaint has been filed alleging that she and her chief of staff attempted to conceal nearly $900,000 in campaign expenditures. 
Ocasio-Cortez is also facing questions regarding the unusually low salary paid to her chief of staff (perhaps to evade financial disclosure requirements) and for campaign payments to her boyfriend.
It seems like the New York socialist who ran against "dark money" in politics and promised to turn Washington upside down is adjusting comfortably to life in the D.C. swamp.
Pompeo vs. ISIS Bride
The Trump Administration's struggle to control our borders is playing out in a Washington, D.C., courtroom.  Yesterday, Judge Reggie Walton rejected a motion to fast-track the citizenship case of ISIS bride Hoda Muthana.  That said, her attorney believes Judge Walton is sympathetic to her cause.
During an interview, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted forcefully when asked about the Muthana case, saying:
"This is a woman who went online and tried to kill young men and women of the United States of America.  She advocated for jihad, for people to drive vans across streets here in the United States and kill Americans. 
"She's not a U.S. citizen. She has no claim of U.S. citizenship. In fact, she's a terrorist, and we shouldn't bring back foreign terrorists to the United States of America.  President Trump is determined that she will not come back.  And we don't need that kind of risk, and we don't need people like her who threatened the lives of Americans . . . coming back to the United States who aren't citizens."
That's quite a contrast to the previous administration, which went out of its way to bring an Islamist sympathizer back to America. 
But if Judge Walton does order the administration to allow Muthana to return, I expect President Trump will continue to fight it or put her on trial for treason if she returns.
The Left's Projection
Fox News contributor Juan Williams is picking up on a theme Michael Cohen and other progressives raised last week -- that Donald Trump is a dictator and won't leave the White House if he loses the 2020 election.  Williams tweeted:
"It is no longer outside the realm of possibility that Trump could refuse to leave if he loses the 2020 election. And if he does not accept an election defeat — he will have a virtual army on social media to defend him. Where does this stop?"
Where does the left's insanity stop?
This latest manifestation of Trump Derangement Syndrome is another case of the left's projection, saying Trump will do what the left and Hillary did in 2016. 
As you no doubt recall, Hillary refused to concede on Election Night.  Then they tried to bully members of the Electoral College into not voting for Trump. 
When that failed, the deep state launched an investigation over Russian collusion, only to come up empty handed
Now they are launching a massive fishing expedition hoping to come up with something, anything that might justify impeaching President Trump, all because the left still refuses to accept the results of the last election.
As an aside, Fox News should fire Juan Williams.  Conservatives have been fired at Fox for saying much less offensive things than suggesting that Trump would declare himself a dictator.  Why does Juan Williams get away with such libel?  Then again, if they fired Williams would he leave?