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Obama & Ebola, Obamacare News, Don't Know Much About History

Obama Puts Boots On The Ground -- In Western Africa 

President Obama announced a new plan today to put boots on the ground, up to 3,000 American troops. . . to fight the Ebola epidemic. Over the years, books and movies have speculated about Ebola escaping the jungles of Africa and spreading throughout the world. I couldn't help but have a visceral reaction to this news this morning, not to mention all the irony and contradictions that it represents. 

Terror On The Border, Benghazi's Back, Crosses and Mosques

Terror On The Border And Abroad 

Border Patrol agents reportedly found a banner posted on the Mexican side of the border fence in the Yuma sector. It condemned U.S. support for Israel, called for a free Palestinian state and threatened terrorism. The banner was placed on the border fence on 9/11. 

Security Moms Are Back, Al Qaeda On The March, Bush = Hitler?

Return Of The Security Moms 

Two stories on the front page of today's Washington Post must have sent Obama White House aides rushing for the Maalox. One is about terrorism and the other is about the president's approval rating. They are related and they are bad news for the president.

Obama's Strategy, Obama Defends Islam, Remembering 9/11

Obama's Strategy 

President Obama delivered a prime-time address to the nation last night laying out his strategy for confronting ISIS (ISIL). Reaction to the president's address was mixed. 

Obama apologists were in full damage control mode, arguing that critics were simply playing politics. But there was considerable criticism from the left. For example: 

Obama’s ISIS Strategy, House Condemns Taliban Release, Legal Pot Bad Idea

Obama To Lay Out ISIS Strategy 

President Obama will address the nation tonight, perhaps offering his strategy for defeating ISIS. Some analysts believe the president has an opportunity to revive himself. Polls indicate that the public is primed for action. The question is whether Obama will deliver. 

Foreign Policy Debate, Kudos To Mike Pence

The Great Foreign Policy Debate 

President Obama is huddling with congressional leaders today, outlining his newly developed strategy for combating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which he once dismissed as a "JV" team. Tomorrownight Mr. Obama will share those plans with the rest of the country.

Victory For Now, Obama's Optics, Boston Jihad, Goodbye Truett

Victory -- For Now 

Facing intense political pressure, President Obama announced over the weekend that he won't issue a unilateral amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants . . . before the election. One commentator said that if Democrats lose the Senate this November, the White House doesn't want to see headlines blaming Obama's amnesty as the reason. 

During his interview with Obama, Meet The Press host Chuck Todd suggested this delay was all about politics. Obama insisted otherwise, saying:

Bush Was Right, Scandal Update, Join Me In D.C.

Bush Was Right 

George W. Bush deserves a tip of the hat. Here's what the "prophet" Bush said in 2007 about the dangers of a premature withdrawal from Iraq: 

Broken Trumpet, America's Muslim Missionaries, Where Are The Children?

The Broken Trumpet 

President Obama has made a lot of gaffes lately, especially for someone who has come so far on the strength of his oratorical skills. Last week he said he had no strategy for dealing with the Islamic State -- a remark that left Pentagon officials "apoplectic." 

9/11 Déjà Vu, Politicians Beware
9/11 Déją Vu 

We are learning more about the second American killed last week in Syria fighting for ISIS. Abdirahmaan Muhumed was killed in the same battle as Douglas McAuthur McCain. Muhumed is believed to be part of a group of 15 Somali Americans who have left the country in recent months to fight with ISIS.