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ISIS Threatens Christmas, Speaking Of Christmas, Trump Praises Law Enforcement

ISIS Threatens Christmas

About That Insurance, Gowdy Gets It, Speaking Of Distortions

About That Insurance. . .

Alabama Results, A Look Into The Deep State, Follow Me

Alabama Results 

For the first time in a quarter of a century, the people of Alabama have elected a Democrat to the United States Senate.  Doug Jones narrowly defeated Roy Moore last night 49.9% to 48.4%.  Here's my analysis of the race and its impact.

In The Oval Office, Importing Hate, Happy Chanukah

In The Oval Office

At The White House, NYC Dodges A Bomb, Fake News, Good News

At The White House

Remembering Pearl Harbor, Islamist Threats In Jerusalem, Justice Department Ready To Blow?

Remembering Pearl Harbor

This Year In Jerusalem, A Monument to Faith, Follow Me

This Year In Jerusalem

The Baker Case, Travel Ban Win, Follow Me


How Deep Is The 'Deep State'?, ABC Blows Its, Follow Me

How Deep Is The ‘Deep State’?

Not Again?!, Outrage, Flynn Charged, Hope For America

Not Again?!