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Obama Wins; America Loses, Servergate Gets Serious, Poll Position

Obama Wins; America Loses

Yesterday, Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski became the 34th senator to support the Iranian nuclear deal. Her support gives President Obama the votes needed to sustain his veto of a congressional resolution disapproving the deal. That means this terrible deal will likely go into effect.

Blumenthal's Bad Advice, Christie Goes Nuclear, Fiorina Wins Again

Blumenthal's Bad Advice

Top government officials get a lot of advice from a lot of people. Cabinet officials have entire cadres of career civil servants dedicated to providing information and analysis.

In the case of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we know from her publicly disclosed emails that she also relied heavily on outside, non-governmental sources, especially from one person -- Sidney Blumenthal.

Iran's Shopping Spree, Act Of Love, Bashing Boehner, Forgotten Already

Iran's Shopping Spree

Advocates of the nuclear treaty with Iran, including President Obama, have repeatedly claimed that the agreement strengthens moderates and will change Iran's behavior. They are wrong.

Yesterday, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, chief of Tehran's top clerical body, said that the United States remains Iran's "number one enemy" and that the nuclear treaty changes nothing.

Poll Position, Lives Matter

Poll Position

New polling out of Iowa is sending shock waves throughout the political establishments of both parties. A Des Moines Register poll of likely caucus goers finds Bernie Sanders surging to within seven points of Hillary Clinton.

Thirty percent of Iowa Democrats back the Vermont socialist compared to 37% for Clinton. Fourteen percent of Democrats back Vice President Joe Biden.

Media Manipulation, Bring It On, Values Voter Summit

Media Manipulation

Columnist Mark Steyn reviewed the headlines from major U.S. newspapers that reported on the shootings of two Virginia journalists. As you might expect, the headlines were totally devoid of any information that would inform readers of what really happened.

In other words, they were manipulated to avoid printing the kind of information that would normally dominate headlines when it helps the left and hurts conservatives.

Military Brass Oppose Deal, All Lives Matter

Military Brass Oppose Deal

Two weeks ago, Big Media and the left made a big deal over the fact that three dozen retired admirals and generals signed a joint letter supporting the president's nuclear deal with Iran. Yesterday, more than five times that number sent a letter to Congress urging opposition to the deal.

Bad Intel, Who Likes The Deal

Bad Intel? 


Obama & The Crazies, Cancel The Dinner, Targeting The Truth

Obama & The Crazies 

At a Las Vegas conference last night, President Obama launched into another demeaning attack against his domestic political opponents. Obama told the audience that he was back from his summer vacation feeling "a little feisty" and ready to fight "the crazies" who oppose his agenda. Really?

Given history, it is crazy to believe that a regime like Iran's, which is committed to a second Holocaust, will be restrained by words on a piece of paper. 

North Korea & Iran, Heroes Prevent Slaughter, Kristol Cruise

North Korea & Iran

Tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula. Analysts point to recent incidents in the demilitarized zone and joint U.S., South Korean military exercises as the cause. The real issue is that North Korea is run by a certifiable maniac, the latest in a string of communist dictators.

Here is the main thing to consider: For two decades a series of U.S. presidents from Bill Clinton to George Bush tried to buy off North Korea. They used a variety of half-measures to rein in the Stalinist regime. They gave diplomacy repeated chances.

Media Pile On, Take A Stand For Life, Values Summit

Media Pile On

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email scandal continues to grow. Each new day seems to bring a new revelation, and her explanations are falling flat.

For example, even though we now know that Clinton's unsecured personal server was full of classified information, she has asserted that nothing she received was ever "marked classified."

Earlier this week, she told reporters, "I did not send classified material, and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified."