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Is Lynch Lying?, Terror In Israel , Big Government Run Amok

Is Lynch Lying?

Washington is buzzing after news broke late yesterday that former President Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch earlier this week. The meeting reportedly took place Monday evening onboard a private jet at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to CBS News, "President Clinton saw the attorney general on the tarmac and wanted to say hello, so he boarded her plane to talk." I'm sure he had a lot on his mind that he wanted to discuss with the attorney general.

Terror In Turkey, "Willful Blindess", "The People's Spring"

Terror In Turkey

As Ramadan draws to a close, Istanbul's Ataturk airport became the scene of the latest Islamic-inspired atrocity. Late yesterday afternoon, three suicide bombers staged a coordinated attack similar to the March attack at an airport in Brussels, Belgium. Forty-one people were killed and more than 230 were wounded.

Some suggest that the attack may have been retaliation for Turkey restoring formal ties with Israel this week. It has also been noted that the attack occurred on the second anniversary of ISIS formally declaring its caliphate.

Twin Falls Cover-Up, Political Prosecution Overturned, Benghazi Report Released

Twin Falls Cover-Up

In the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack and major Supreme Court decisions, a developing story in Twin Falls, Idaho, may have escaped your notice. The story hasn't made it to the national news, but it should.

Like many small, rural communities around the country, the Obama Administration has chosen this town, located near the Nevada/Utah border, to receive hundreds of refugees from Muslim nations. No one asked the citizens of Twin Falls if they approved of this.

A Sad Day At The Supreme Court, Fallout Continues

A Sad Day At The Supreme Court

Today is a sad day for the pro-life movement. In a 5-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down laws passed by the state of Texas regulating the health and safety standards of abortion clinics. After Texas passed these regulations, more than half of the abortion clinics in the state shut down. Many states adopted similar laws in recent years.

June 23rd: Britain's Independence Day, Political Reactions, Market Reactions

June 23rd: Britain's Independence Day

As you know, there is a great conflict that has the entire Western world in turmoil. On one side are powerful forces of big government, big business and big media. Unanimously, they are telling us that borders are old fashioned, that everyone in the world has a right to migrate to wherever they wish, that nation-states are antiques.

Amnesty Blocked -- For Now, Clueless Kerry, Sitting On The Second Amendment

Amnesty Blocked -- For Now

A divided Supreme Court split 4-to-4 on Barack Obama's executive orders granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. It is outrageous that four justices apparently believe the president had the power to unilaterally re-write immigration law.

That said, the split decision leaves in place the ruling of the lower appellate court, which declared the president's orders unconstitutional. So the president's unilateral mass amnesty has been blocked. For now.

Trump's Outreach Continues, The Left's Assault On Our Values, The Importance Of Judges

Trump's Outreach Continues

Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump's campaign announced the formation of an Evangelical Advisory Board. Members of the board were not required to endorse Trump. Indeed, some have been very critical of him.

Today's Meeting With Trump, Campaign Update, The Senate & The Second Amendment

Today's Meeting With Trump

I am writing this report from the Marriott Marquis in New York City, where I have been in meetings with Donald Trump and more than 1,000 religious leaders. There were household names like Franklin Graham, who opened the meeting with an incredibly moving prayer. Others present included Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Dr. Ben Carson, Penny Nance and Jerry Falwell, Jr.

There was a smaller, private meeting before the main event, which I attended. Here are a few key points that stood out to me:

Whitewashing Islamic Terrorism, DHS In Denial, The Assault On Our Values, The Violent Left

Whitewashing Islamic Terrorism

Appearing on NBC's weekend talk show "Meet the Press" yesterday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a stunning announcement. In flatly contradictory remarks made almost in the same breath, Lynch declared that the FBI would be releasing only "a partial transcript" of Omar Mateen's calls to 911 and the Orlando Police Department's hostage negotiating team.

Obama's Foreign Policy In Disarray, Understanding Orlando, Closing Thoughts

Obama's Foreign Policy In Disarray

In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, President Obama had the audacity to tell the nation on Tuesday that his efforts against ISIS were making "significant progress."