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US Troops "Over-Regulated and Constrained", Join Me in July

General Hayden: U.S. Troops In Iraq "Over-Regulated And Constrained"

High-level government officials tend to avoid commenting on politics after they leave their posts. That's especially true for high-ranking members of the military who serve in presidential administrations. 

But several top Obama administration officials have criticized the president after leaving government. The latest is Air Force four-star general Michael Hayden, who was director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President Bush and then, for a short time, under President Obama. 

Obama vs. The Courts, Rational Ayatollah Hypothesis, Texas Floods

Obama vs. The Courts 

After yesterday's ruling by a federal appeals court striking a blow against President Obama's immigration amnesty plans, the Washington Post noticed that much of Obama's agenda is being challenged in the courts. Citing Obamacare, climate change and other issues, the Post writes that "Obama's legacy is increasingly in legal jeopardy."

Why Obama Is Losing, Baltimore Loses Its Charm

BREAKING NEWS: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the Obama Administration's request to lift a federal court injunction against President Obama's executive order granting amnesty to as many as five million illegal immigrants. 

Patriot Graves

Patriot Graves 

Monday marks Memorial Day, a national observance first known as Decoration Day.  The first Memorial Day was observed on May 30, 1868.  Flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. 

ISIS Advances, Scouts Cave, The Silencing, Cruz v. Liberal Media

ISIS Advances 

While Barack Obama is waging war on climate change, ISIS is advancing on all fronts. The key Iraqi city of Ramadi fell over the weekend. Yesterday, the jihadists seized the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria. Ramadi is 80 miles from Baghdad. Palmyra is 130 miles from Damascus.

Confronting Reality, Misplaced Priorities, Ayatollah Says No, State Secrets

Confronting Reality 

The fall of Ramadi to ISIS militants and Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons is bringing President Obama's foreign policy failures into sharp focus. Here's the reality that the next president will inherit the day he walks into the Oval Office. 

First is a nuclear-armed Iran. The Iranian regime is led by Shiite Muslims with an apocalyptic vision. Christians often say, "Please come, Jesus." Radical Shiites say, "Please come, Mahdi." That's a reference to the 12th imam, an Islamic messiah. 

Wrong Track, Benghazi Attack Planned, GOP Field Grows

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Wrong Track 

A new Gallup poll finds that just barely a quarter of adults (26%) think the country is headed on the right track. That's down six points since February and ten points off Gallup's historic average. 

Obama Attacks Christian Charity, Faith Under Fire, Insanity of Radical Islam, Media Malpractice

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Obama Attacks Christian Charity 

Last week, I criticized comments that President Obama made during a panel discussion at Georgetown University about how Christian organizations could work together to address poverty.

A Religion of War, Remembering Churchill, Clinton Cash & Media Bias

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Islam A Religion Of War 

The Left’s Extremism, Bush vs. Obama, Iran Mocking Obama

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The Left's Pro-Abortion Extremism