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Still No Collusion, Some Observations, House Denounces BDS

Still No Collusion
For nearly two years, former FBI Director Robert Mueller and a team of Hillary Clinton-supporting lawyers investigated President Trump for collusion with Russia. They found nothing.  We learned that fact on Sunday, March 24th, when Attorney General William Barr released a brief summary of Mueller's final report.
The attorney general made the report public on April 18th.  There was still no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia because no collusion took place.

The Left vs. Law Enforcement, Trump Expands Deportation Authority, Deep State Update

The Left vs. Law Enforcement
A disgusting video hit social media today showing New York City police officers getting hit with buckets and having liquids thrown on them as they attempt to make an arrest, while a crowd cheers the assault. 
We regularly see flag-draped coffins of officers shot in the line of duty.  Clearly, the police have been demonized. 

Media Bias, It's Not About Race, Thuggery In Hong Kong

Media Bias
There are always plenty examples of the media's left-wing bias.  But anyone watching CBS's "Face The Nation" this weekend was treated to a real doozy. 
It was a packed show with New Jersey Senator and presidential hopeful Cory Booker, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Rep. Liz Cheney, a member of the House GOP leadership team.  The way host Margaret Brennan handled her guests was very revealing. 

One Giant Leap, Rubio Responds, American Restoration

One Giant Leap
Fifty years ago tomorrow, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.  It was an incredible accomplishment, the culmination of years of painstaking work and preparation, and a source of tremendous national pride.

Pence Defends Religious Liberty, More Meaningless Votes, Love It Or Leave It

Pence Defends Religious Liberty
I was honored to be part of a select group at the State Department today, with representatives of 106 countries, to hear Vice President Mike Pence deliver a powerful defense of religious freedom as a fundamental human right that should be protected in every nation.  

High Drama On Capitol Hill, How Did This Happen, The Left's Civil War

High Drama On Capitol Hill
The left's efforts to rebuke President Trump for his weekend tweets (yes, that's what your "public servants" are debating instead of the pressing issues facing our country) hit a speedbump yesterday.   Speaker Nancy Pelosi caused an uproar when she violated House rules on decorum by calling the president a racist. 

Trump vs. The Squad, What's Next, Investigate Google

Trump vs. The Squad
If there has been a consistent theme in these daily reports lately, it has been the growing anti-Americanism of the left.  President Trump took it on in recent days and now the left is howling in fits of rage.
As you undoubtedly know by now, the president tweeted over the weekend that "loud and vicious voices" on the progressive left were attempting to dictate how the U.S. should be run.  He suggested that they "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came."

The Left vs. Law Enforcement, Homan vs. AOC, Fighting Anti-Semitism

The Left vs. Law Enforcement
While the border crisis continues, the American left is becoming more violent, and its enablers in Congress and the courts resist efforts to stem the crisis.  Here's the latest developments from the weekend.

Plan B, Pro-Illegal Left, The Green Menace

Plan B
Speaking in the White House Rose Garden yesterday, President Trump announced an end to the legal stalemate over the citizenship question and the census.  Both the president and Attorney General Barr made strong arguments about the fundamental issue of distinguishing the difference between citizens and non-citizens. 
Here's some of what President Trump said:

Iranian Piracy, Taking On Big Tech, 2020 Update

Iranian Piracy