Fighting For Truth & Justice, The Mueller Report, Collusion Delusion

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fighting For Truth & Justice
Growing up I used to watch Superman.  One of the opening lines of the show was that Superman was always fighting for truth, justice and the American way.  Is that quaint?  Well, maybe not.
When I got up this morning, it occurred to me that many people, some powerful and others not, are fighting for truth, justice and the American way.  Here are some examples.
The northern Kentucky family of Nick Sandmann, clearly not powerful people, watched helplessly as their son was attacked by a left-wing media lynch mob.  They are now suing the Washington Post for $250 million. 
I have no idea if they will succeed.  But the lawsuit is a shot across the bow of other leftists who spread lies about conservatives.  And if it causes more reporters to follow journalistic standards, that would be a victory by itself.
The much-maligned Chicago Police Department recently got a hate crime report from an influential gay, black actor, Jussie Smollett.  While many on the left immediately accepted Smollett's story at face value and rushed to smear millions of conservative Americans, the Chicago police methodically did its job. 
This morning, they took Smollett into custody for filing a false report.  If you missed Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson's press conference, it's well worth watching.
Professor Donald Harris, who none of us have heard of before, issued an extraordinary statement taking his daughter, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), to task for bragging about her past drug use and her Jamaican roots.  He said his parents and grandmothers "must be turning in their grave right now" at such a crass "pursuit of identity politics." 
Professor Harris concluded his statement by writing:  "Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty."
Finally, there is the case of Hoda Muthana, an Islamic supremacist who left America to become an ISIS bride.  She frequently posted anti-American propaganda to her social media accounts and attempted to incite jihadi attacks here in the U.S. 
Now that the ISIS caliphate has been crushed, Muthana wants to come home to America.  But President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo say she abandoned her claim to citizenship and will not be allowed into the country.
So a Midwestern family, a father undoubtedly proud of his accomplished daughter, a hard-working big city police department, our president and secretary of state have all defended truth, justice and the American way this week. 
A salute to all of them on this sunny winter day in D.C.!
The Mueller Report
The hot rumor in Washington is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will issue his final report sometime in the next two weeks, perhaps as early as next week.  We've heard this before.  But I wonder if it may be true this time. 
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is stepping down sometime next month and President Trump has already named his replacement.  Many Washington insiders have speculated that Rosenstein was only staying on in order to see the Mueller probe to completion.
In addition, President Trump is scheduled to be out of the country next week for a second round of sensitive talks with North Korea.  And it would be just like the deep state to drop the final Mueller report then. 
We've commented before that the deep state likes to strike whenever the president leaves the country -- right when he is preoccupied and not here to defend himself.  The timing just can't be coincidental. 
Hardly Weak
At the beginning of the month, the Trump Administration announced that it was withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.  The agreement was signed with the Soviet Union in 1987.  It eliminated nearly 2,700 short and medium-range nuclear missiles that U.S., NATO and Soviet forces had stationed in Europe.
But multiple U.S. presidents knew Russia was cheating, yet they didn't do anything about it.  And that cheating accelerated in recent years. 
Moreover, when the treaty was signed it did not include China, Iran or North Korea. 
China has been building nuclear weapons systems for years that we are not allowed to respond to because of this treaty. 
North Korea already has nuclear weapons and Trump is attempting to deal with Kim Jong-un.  Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons, and Trump is working hard to prevent that from happening. 
As a result of Putin's continued cheating and other inherent flaws in the 32 year-old agreement, Trump did the right thing in abandoning the INF treaty -- hardly the action of someone who is weak on Russia. 
Needless to say, Putin is furious.  The Russian leader delivered his "state of the union" address yesterday and attacked Trump for his strong stand, warning that Russia was ready for another "Cuban missile crisis."
I wanted you to have this background because fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is making the rounds of the talk show circuit and still clinging bitterly to the delusion that the president may be "a Russian asset." 
Yet, Trump, unlike a certain previous president who actually promised to show Putin "flexibility," had the guts to stand up to Putin and actually do something about his cheating. 
Collusion Delusion
Speaking of Andrew McCabe, just consider these two headlines for a moment:
"Andrew McCabe: Decision To Investigate Trump As A Russian Agent Was Based On Public Information, Not Secret Intel"

"FBI Used Confidential Sources Who 'Already Had' Trump Campaign Contacts, Bureau Lawyer Told Congress"
So the FBI had "confidential sources" spying on the Trump campaign.  We know they used secret FISA warrants too.  Yet when all the FBI's tremendous resources produced nothing, McCabe launched an investigation of the president of the United States based on the news.  Are you kidding me?
And how many of the Russian news stories have been proven to be totally fake news?  A lot of them!
Not only does this show just how weak the entire Russian collusion narrative was, it also shows just how deranged some deep state operatives were that they continued to indulge their anti-Trump fantasies without any real evidence whatsoever. 
Again, this is a scandal of epic proportions that demands thorough investigation and prosecution.