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The Russians Are Coming!, The Left Is Helping Russia, Speaking of 1619

"The Russians Are Coming!"
Last night, all the evening news broadcasts led with the same story – Russia is meddling in the 2020 elections to reelect Donald Trump.  Here we go again.
Evidently, the House Intelligence Committee, led by Rep. Adam Schiff, got a classified briefing about Russian interference in the 2020 election.  Sure enough, someone leaked details of the briefing to the New York Times.  Any guesses as to who leaked?

The Las Vegas Brawl, Honoring Our Heroes, 1776 Unites

The Las Vegas Brawl

Whose Foreign Policy, Confronting Communist China, The Sanders Surge

Whose Foreign Policy?
Remember when James Comey and Andrew McCabe sent FBI agents over to the White House to interview Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then President Trump's national security advisor?  They were concerned about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.  Some even suggested that Flynn violated the never-enforced Logan Act.  

Vandalizing Our History, Bloomberg's In & Bernie's Up, The President Makes History

Vandalizing Our History
Over the weekend, someone vandalized Plymouth Rock and several historical monuments to the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  These attacks on our history come as Plymouth prepares to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's landing.

What Barr Said, Fighting For Life, The Left's Big Lie

What Barr Said
Did you hear Attorney General William Barr diss the president?  He told ABC News that Trump should tweet less about certain cases because it makes his job harder.  I'm sure you heard that because the media can't stop crowing about it. 
The White House said the president had no problems with Barr's comments, and that Trump has "full faith and confidence in Attorney General Barr."  Now here's the rest of the story, which the media aren't talking about.

Stone's Sentence, Huawei's Hackers, Speaking Of Compromised

Stone's Sentence

The Results, Abbas's About Face, Shredding The Constitution

The Results
New Hampshire voters certainly provided a number of surprises last night.  As always, the Granite State's primary helped to winnow the field as three candidates -- Andrew Yang, Senator Michael Bennet and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick -- ended their presidential campaigns last night. 

Barr's Big Day, Suing Sanctuary States, Primary Day

Barr's Big Day

Pompeo Takes On China, Fighting For Faith, Draining The Swamp

Pompeo Takes On China
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the National Governors Association this weekend.  It may seem odd that America's top diplomat was addressing our governors, who are generally preoccupied with domestic issues rather than foreign policy. 

Debate Night, The Ayatollah's "Final Solution", Other Headlines

Debate Night
Seven candidates will take the stage tonight at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, for the eighth Democrat debate.  The debate is sponsored by ABC News and will air at 8:00 PM ET.  The participating candidates are: