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We Are Less Safe, Muslim Celebrations, Terrorist Sympathies, Choose Life

We Are Less Safe

There is little doubt that the world has become a more dangerous place since Barack Obama became president. The Nobel Committee should demand its Peace Prize back. As America retreats, our enemies fill the void.

There is news today that a Russian jet was shot down by Turkish fighters. Turkey is a member of NATO, and it claims that the Russian jet repeatedly violated Turkish airspace. Today's action reportedly marks the first time NATO has shot down a Russian aircraft since the 1950s.

Be Afraid. . . Of Obama, Obama Vs. America, Another Administration Scandal

Be Afraid. . . Of Obama

According to a new Fox News poll, 83% of Americans think it is likely that ISIS will attempt to attack America in the near future. President Obama's refusal to acknowledge and counter the threats facing the United States and Western Civilization is likely contributing to the fear and anxiety that Americans are feeling.

There is less and less trust even in some corners of the left that Obama is capable or willing to steer the ship of state through these storm-filled waters.

House Rebukes Obama, About That Religious Test, Yes, It Is About Islam, Poll Position

House Rebukes Obama

Despite President Obama's veto threats, a bi-partisan, veto-proof majority of the House of Representatives voted yesterday to approve legislation demanding more security checks on refugees from Syria and Iraq.

In a major rebuke to Obama, 47 House Democrats sided with the GOP majority in supporting this bill. Now consider this excerpt from the beltway publication The Hill:

Paris Mastermind Dead, Obama Vs. America, Obama Once Suspended The Refugee Program, We Have A Problem, BLM Gets Brave

Paris Mastermind Dead

French authorities confirmed this morning that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the jihadist behind the Paris attacks, has been killed. He also planned the August train attack that was foiled by three Americans.

I am glad Abaaoud has received justice. But neither he nor any other individual is the creator of radical Islam. The threat didn't end after Osama bin Laden was killed and it won't end with the death of Abaaoud. Jihadists are being created every day in radical mosques throughout the Middle East, Europe and, sadly, even in the U.S.

The Left-wing Mind, Obama Does It Again, Left-Wing Arguments, About That Vetting Process. . .

The Left-wing Mind

The Paris attacks exposed not only the vulnerabilities of free societies and weaknesses in our immigration, refugee and security policies, but also the insanity of the left-wing mind.

For example, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested yesterday that there was some "rationale" behind the January attacks on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters. Here's the quote:

Obama's Lecture On Shame, What Else Did He Say, Governors Say "Stop!"

Obama's Lecture On Shame

An angry president went after his enemies yesterday, passionately denouncing those who suggested that if we are going to take more Syrian refugees, they should be Christians. ". . .that's shameful. That's not American. That's not who we are. We don't have religious tests to our compassion," he said.

Clueless Before, After And Now, Rethinking The Refugee Crisis, Insanity On The Left

Clueless Before, After And Now 

A Scary Time For The GOP, What The Headlines Reveal

A Scary Time For The GOP

It's Friday the 13th and the GOP is afraid, very afraid. I know because the Washington Post told me so. A front page article this morning says that the party elders are hitting the "panic button" and see "doom" ahead if the leading "outsiders" - Donald Trump or Dr. Ben Carson - get the GOP nomination. Some of the insiders are so afraid that they are reportedly talking once again about drafting Mitt Romney to run again in spite of his repeated statements that he won't do so.

Are Polls Broken?, The Million Student March

Are Polls Broken?

Honoring Our Vets, GOP Debate

Honoring Our Vets

Today is Veterans Day - a day set aside to recognize the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who have served our country in uniform. The day originally began as Armistice Day to mark the 11 AM ceasefire on November 11, 1918 that ended World War I. Congress voted to change the name to Veterans Day in 1954 to commemorate veterans of all wars.

To the millions who have always been there to stop the tyrant, protect the weak and preserve the peace - we have not forgotten you. A grateful nation thanks God for giving us heroes like you.