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Iran & Hamas, Vatican Attack Foiled, Immigration & Wages, 2016 Update, Tune In Tonight

Iran Surrounding Israel 

One of the most illogical positions held by President Obama is his insistence on not conditioning the Iranian nuclear negotiations on changes in the regime's behavior. Recognizing Israel's right to exist, for example, ought to be the starting point for any talks with Iran. 

Does anyone lose sleep at night over the fact that France and Great Britain have nuclear weapons? Of course not. Those nations are stable, peaceful democracies. 

Kudos To Manhart, Obama Soft On Iran

Kudos To Michelle Manhart 

Many of you probably heard the recent stories about Michelle Manhart. She is an Air Force veteran who attempted to rescue an American flag last week that was being desecrated by radical demonstrators at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. 

She got into a scuffle with one of the protestors, Eric Sheppard, Jr., and resisted arrest by the campus police. She was briefly detained, banned from campus by the university, but Mr. Sheppard declined to press charges. 

Obamacare Of Foreign Policy, Christian Persecution, Graham & Immigration

Obamacare Of Foreign Policy 

According to a Bloomberg report, the Obama Administration "has assessed for several years that Iran has been two to three months away from producing enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon." But it only publicly acknowledged that crucial information a few weeks ago. 

Jihadist Targets Churches, Obama's Mixed Messages, Liberals Love Taxes

Jihadist Targets Churches 

Sunday, French authorities captured Sid Ahmed Ghlam, a 24 year-old jihadist from Algeria. He is suspected of killing Aurelie Chatelain, who was shot while sitting in her car Sunday morning. She was reportedly "riddled with bullets." This seemingly random attack isn't the real news. 

Showing Weakness, Speaking Of Enemies, Faithful Unto Death

Showing Weakness 

During a White House press conference Friday, President Obama was asked about Russia's sale of advanced S-300 missile systems to Iran. The president did not use the opportunity to protest Russia's actions. Instead, Obama said that the Russians delayed the sale in 2009 "at our request" and added, "I'm, frankly, surprised that it held this long." 

Sickness Of Radical Islam, Fence Hypocrisy, Who's Your Favorite, Obama's High Horse

The Sickness Of Radical Islam 

As radical Islam rises throughout Africa, thousands of refugees are fleeing the continent for Europe, which is well-known for its lax immigration policies. Italy, which is just across the Mediterranean Sea from war-ravaged Libya, is feeling the brunt of this massive wave of immigration. 

The Left's Extremism, Lincoln & Life, The Inevitability Question, Netanyahu Warns The World

The Left's Pro-Abortion Extremism 

Senators Demand A Say, A Taxing Day, Never Again

Senators Demand A Say 

Congratulations! The Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday voted 19-to-0 to approve legislation requiring a vote on any deal with Iran. The bi-partisan, unanimous vote was a strong rebuke to President Barack Obama. 

Just before the vote, the White House dramatically shifted its tone. Obama had repeatedly threatened to veto any legislation that infringed on his authority to unilaterally negotiate foreign agreements. But once Obama realized he was facing sure defeat, he agreed yesterday to sign the bill. 

Iran Prepares For War, The War Within, Walter Scott RIP

Iran Prepares For War 

Israeli media report that Iran has already stepped up shipments of weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah in preparation for another war with Israel. 

Who Is Lying, Call Now, Meeting Of The Minds

Who Is Lying? 

We reported Friday that Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, denounced the framework for a deal on Iran's nuclear program and blasted the White House fact sheet as "wrong on most issues," adding that it "distorted reality."