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Not Funny!, Deconstructing Reagan, Good News

Not Funny!

Will Ferrell made a name for himself mocking George W. Bush. But Bush has been out of office for nearly eight years. What could Ferrell do to keep his career going?

There's plenty of buffoonery to mock on the left. How about a crazy vice president who routinely puts his foot in his mouth? Well, that wouldn't go over well in Hollywood. So Ferrell is going after another Republican president, one who left office nearly 30 years ago -- Ronald Reagan.

BREAKING NEWS, Subsidizing Iran's Nuclear Program, Targeting Target, Bad News For Obamacare

BREAKING NEWS: Three family members of the San Bernardino shooters have been arrested on charges of conspiracy, immigration fraud and perjury.

Subsidizing Iran's Nuclear Program

Late last week, the Obama Administration quietly announced that it was going to purchase heavy water from Iran. Heavy water can be used to produce nuclear weapons, and the Obama Administration is buying it from Iran at the same time that the regime is in the process of developing its missile arsenal.

BREAKING NEWS, Primary Results, Warning Signs

BREAKING NEWS: Senator Ted Cruz just announced that his vice presidential running mate, if he is nominated, will be former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

Primary Results: The Democrats

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won four of five states in last night's "Acela Primary," so named for the Amtrak train that runs through Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Here are the results:

Connecticut: Clinton 52%, Sanders 47%

Delaware: Clinton 60%, Sanders 39%

Fired For His Faith, Court Upholds Common Sense, Big Government & Big Abortion

Fired For His Faith

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal owes Dr. Eric Walsh an apology.

Dr. Walsh is an accomplished medical professional. He has multiple advanced degrees and he served on President Obama's Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDs. Dr. Walsh started a low-income clinic for California families struggling with AIDs and served for more than three years as director of public health for the city of Pasadena, California.

Obama Gets Tough!, Europe Under Siege, Cruz/Kasich Tag Team Trump, McAuliffe Rewrites Virginia Constitution

Obama Gets Tough!

After nearly eight years of groveling at the feet of the world's worst tyrants, from the mullahs of Iran to the Castro brothers in Cuba, President Obama has finally located his spine and laid down the law. Unfortunately, the target of his ire was not the North Koreans or ISIS, but the dreaded Brits!

Britain is in the middle of an important debate over whether to withdraw from the European Union. The press has dubbed the June vote "Brexit."

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, and 170 countries are expected to sign the so-called "Paris Agreement" on climate change. The impact of this radical agenda is already being felt.

Obama's Travesty, ESPN -- Shilling For The Left, Tubman On The Twenty

Obama's Travesty

Barack Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, and he has in many ways. From health care to energy policy, even the meaning of marriage -- much has changed since 2008. But he has also fundamentally transformed America's foreign policy -- largely to the benefit of our enemies.

Under the Obama/Kerry foreign policy, the world has become unmoored. That is the conclusion of Lee Smith's latest column at The Weekly Standard.

New York Results, The Courts v. Common Sense

New York Results: The Democrats

Stung by a series of consecutive losses, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did what she HAD to do last night: She scored a decisive victory over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders bet big that an upset in New York would upend the Democrat race. He reportedly outspent Clinton 2-to-1 on ads.

Biden: "Israel Is Moving In Wrong Direction", Cecile's "Colonel Sanders Moment"?, Putin Wins - Again

Biden: "Israel Is Moving In Wrong Direction"

Yesterday was another day when Israelis were reminded, not that they needed to be, of how merciless their enemies are. A bomb was detonated by Palestinian terrorists on a bus in Jerusalem, wounding 21 Israelis, including women and children.

Also yesterday Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered another Hamas terror tunnel entering Israel from Gaza. These tunnels have one purpose - to provide a transit route into Israel for Hamas jihadists to use to murder Israeli civilians in their homes, schools and synagogues.

The Saudis & 9/11, Riyadh Threatens To Retaliate, The United States v. Texas

The Saudis & 9/11

There is legislation pending in Congress that is creating an international uproar. The bill is called the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act and it would allow victims of terrorism "to sue foreign states and financial partners of terrorism."

That seems reasonable enough. Who could possibly object? Well, our Saudi "friends" for starters and the Obama Administration, which is lobbying against the bill.