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Obama Misses Intel Briefings, Leader Of Free World Speaks

Briefings? What Briefings? 

In yesterday's report, we commented on President Obama's passing the buck by appearing to blame the intelligence community for missing the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. As we noted, there really was no excuse for anyone being so uninformed. Last year, Iraq's prime minister came to Washington pleading for help in fighting ISIS.

Obama Passes The Buck, Beheading Update, Values Voter Summit Success

Obama Passes The Buck 

Harry Truman popularized the phrase "The Buck Stops Here" with a plaque that sat on his desk in the Oval Office for much of his presidency. It's a concept that seems lost on the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holder Hangs It Up

Attorney General Eric Holder submitted his letter of resignation to the White House today. While he made history by being the first black attorney general, he was also a lightening rod for controversy.

NPR reports that by stonewalling the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious, Holder became the first attorney general in history to be held in contempt of Congress. By the way, a judge ruled this week that Holder must disclose the information that House Republicans have been demanding.

Obama's U.N. Mea Culpa, Defending Islam, Christians & Immigration, L'Shanah Tovah

Obama's U.N. Mea Culpa 

President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly today. With the war against ISIS dominating the headlines, Obama once again insisted that the Islamic State and all the other radical Islamic groups have nothing to do with Islam. He rejected the notion of a "clash of civilizations." But it most certainly is. 

I half expected the president to start singing Kumbaya or quoting Rodney King, who asked, "Can we all get along?" 

Syria, Wrong Track On Religion, Unhinged Left

Obama Bombs Syria 

U.S. forces struck Islamic State targets inside Syria for the first time last night. Command and control centers, vehicles and training camps were hit. But the likely reason for the attack was seemingly buried in most news reports. 

New Warnings, ISIS Mocks Obama, ISIS Here, Homeland InSecurity

ISIS Issues New Warning 

Deadly Competition, Obama vs. The Generals, Prayer & Pigskin, Values Voter Summit

A Deadly Competition 

With all the news about ISIS, we can't forget that Al Qaeda, contrary to the president's claims, is not on the run. In fact, CBS News reports that the most imminent threat to our security right now is likely coming from an Al Qaeda division known as the Khorasan cell.

ISIS Down Under, And Here At Home, Obamacare News, Victory For Religious Liberty

ISIS Down Under. . . 

The headlines continue to read like nightmares. Law enforcement agencies in Australia broke up a plot by ISIS jihadists to carryout beheadings. 

Approximately 800 agents performed raids in Sydney, Brisbane and Logan. Fifteen Islamic State sympathizers were arrested today. They had planned to cut off the heads of random folks walking in the streets and film the beheadings for propaganda. 

Terror Warnings, Border Security

Terror Warnings Abound 

In the past 24 hours, postings in online jihadi forums have appeared encouraging Islamic State sympathizers in America to attack major tourist destinations such as Las Vegas and Times Square. According to one report, the postings involve "a comprehensive guide to building pipe bombs using easily obtained materials like match heads, sugar and Christmas lights."

The information in the messages isn't necessarily new. They are similar to some that appeared nearly a month ago. 

Obama & Ebola, Obamacare News, Don't Know Much About History

Obama Puts Boots On The Ground -- In Western Africa 

President Obama announced a new plan today to put boots on the ground, up to 3,000 American troops. . . to fight the Ebola epidemic. Over the years, books and movies have speculated about Ebola escaping the jungles of Africa and spreading throughout the world. I couldn't help but have a visceral reaction to this news this morning, not to mention all the irony and contradictions that it represents.